Wednesday, March 4, 2009

...a bad haircut

A week ago today I was excited about getting my hair cut--freshened up for spring, out of my eyes, and off my face. I explained exactly what I wanted and needed (long enough to pull back out of my way under the bike helmet, short enough with a few more layers to have some style.) But instead, I let myself be talked into....a style that looks really cute on others...and not so cute on me. And it will be some time before I can pull it back and pin it up again. I admitted to friends and family that it was the first haircut in a long time that almost made me cry...and was told...that's not a haircut to cry over...I'm sure you look's OK...(all meant to make me feel better).

I miss my long hair and miss looking like "me." Fortunately, my hair tends to grow quickly...and I am adjusting to a new routine of "messing" with it each morning. And really, in the grand scheme of things...if a bad haircut is the worst thing to come along...then I'm pretty dang lucky.

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Lisa said...

I had to laugh at this one, Sue. I totally know how you feel- I got bands at my last appt and it can't grow fast enough!

...a little wind in your hair will make it allll feel better. And on the cloudy days, well, maybe then will be a good time to find a fabulous new hat????

I haven't seen your new 'do' but you seem to have one of those faces that looks good 'under' any hair. :)