Thursday, March 12, 2009

...putting the trainer away

Today was my first evening group ride since the daylight savings time change. (It was toooo cold and windy Tuesday and I totally wimped out.) The days are just going to get longer and warmer from here on out, so I can say goodbye to the trainer until fall. Yippeee!It felt so good to ride with the group. Weekday rides are different from Sunday rides. On Sundays there's really no rush so we can visit and gawk, but on weekdays...Tonight was one of those "get down to business, no chit-chat, the sun's going down" kind of rides. (I need to remember my camera when we ride! The sunset was spectacular tonight.) It was so much fun to get in the pace line behind the fast guys...and I even hung with them for a while! Woohoo! Thinking back on this time last year, I know I've improved. So, the despised trainer did make a difference. But I'm not at all sorry to put it away.

(My buddy Scott at Scott's Cycle gave me a new hat tonight--in exchange for replacing a zipper in his jacket. A fair trade!)

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