Saturday, March 14, 2009

...a high school dance

High School dances are not what they used to be. Back in MY day (doesn't that make me sound old??) dances were a big deal and we couldn't wait to go. Everyone went. Almost everyone danced. Last night the club I advise put on the first casual dance of the year. That's right--the first. The only other dance was Homecoming way back in September. Dances are just not very popular. I have to admit I was nervous about pulling this one off. The club members wanted to hire a DJ--and they cost money, which means you have to charge more at the door. Our president has a DJ friend who agreed to cut us a deal. Only $250 for four hours. Gulp. (The Prom committee is paying $550 for their DJ!) In my experience, every time we hire a DJ for an informal dance--we lose money. But--the kids were adamant--hire a DJ and the kids will come. And they did! And some of them even danced.
We didn't make any money, and we didn't break even (just a few dollars short), but the dance was a success. Way to go, Cross Colors! Something I've learned since teaching at the HS level--kids expect to have pictures taken at all dances. It's pretty easy now in the age of digital cameras. "Cheese!"(A generation gap note: It appeared that scouts were sent to the dance first. They checked out the music and lights, then whipped out their cell phones and started calling. Soon, more and more kids started showing up. Also, different ones had their cell phones out on the dance floor--texting while dancing! Wild.)

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