Friday, March 6, 2009

...being wishy washy

I've given a lot of thought to my recent haircut woes...and no, this isn't another whine about how, more than a week later, I am still not at one with my "do." Yesterday I was visiting with a good friend and explained my theory about my hair. It's like a metaphor for how, all too often, I live my life. I get stuck in indecision and FEAR that I will make the wrong choice, so don't stand up for myself, don't decide, don't say "no, I can't," "no, I don't want to," "no, this isn't comfortable"...even when the small, still voice inside is giving me the answer I need. End result: unhappiness...that looks like something I can blame on someone else...and then play the victim. Bleh. Not a great way to live.'s time to stop being...
....time to listen to myself and have my no mean no and my yes be a wholehearted yes. (I mean really, would my stylist have cared, really cared if I had said, "No, I just want a little taken off the length, but with a few more layers?" It seems so silly, so obvious now.)

(I loved this book way back when I was teaching at the elementary level. However, Mrs. Wishy-washy was anything but--she was a take-charge, get the job done kind of woman. And it's obvious that her hair was the least of her concerns!)

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