Tuesday, March 31, 2009

...speaking too soon

OK, so the trainer really ISN'T put away for the year. Yes, the sun is shining. Yes, it's warm outside. BUT. It's springtime in good ol' EO...which means that at times the wind is going to blow. Really BLOW. And I am a wimp. I don't mind riding in a little wind, but when the weather channel has issued a weather advisory for gusts up to 45 MPH....nope. I will stay inside, thanks all the same. So the trainer came back inside today. Instead of riding with my usual buddies, here's who kept me company today. (They're not nearly as much fun as the crew from Scott's!) Hopefully, soon, the sun will shine, the wind will stop, the trainer will be tucked away in the garage, and you'll find me out on the backroads once more. Until then...happy spinning!Have I mentioned how cute cycling socks are? Yup, one of the reasons I ride. Ha!

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