Sunday, March 22, 2009 with family

My youngest sister and two of her girls (Bea and Tate) were staying with our parents this weekend (her two oldest girls were at the FFA convention in LaGrande) so I drove over the mountain for a visit. (Her husband stayed home to raise the barn and her son is in the Navy.) We had a lot of fun catching up, walking the dogs, climbing at the playground and playing UNO. Our brother Dave stopped in for a visit too. Fun times....we don't get together nearly often enough, but we live toooo far away from each other!Bea is recovering from strep throat so didn't feel like hamming for the camera as much as Tate did.Mom and Dad, just before leaving for church this morning.And this is what they walked out into!Just yesterday mom and I got the chairs out of the shed so we could enjoy the sun!

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