Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So the phone call from my ex-husband about his dad has me thinking about family. Stephen and I were married 6 short years. We've been divorced for 21. Yet his family is still my family. I promised Rolly and Em that I would not divorce them from their grandchildren. And even though they live 7 hours away, I have kept my promise. So many memories of our annual road trip to Salmon Arm! It didn't matter what time of day or night we rolled into town, they welcomed all 3 of us with open arms. Em always had a huge pan of cinnamon buns and rice krispie treats waiting for us, and a certain drawer in the kitchen was full of red licorice. After dinner Rolly always wanted to know who was ready to play cards--and we played by "Rolly rules." What a cheater! We had so much fun around that table.

After the kids graduated from high school and moved to Portland (and I was no longer the family activities director) it was harder to find time to make our annual trek. The last time we went was the summer of '06, but we still keep in touch through letters and phone calls. Technically, Rolly and Em are no longer my family. But my heart tells me different.

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