Sunday, September 21, 2008 silly kids

I thought we were smiling for the camera...

I miss my silly kids. Only they're not kids anymore. Nate just turned 25 and Katie is 21. They know how to make me laugh--big belly laughs that feel so good. And since school started I have sure been in need of a great big pee-my-pants belly laugh. My kids have always been clowns. But before digital cameras I wouldn't find out what kind of faces they were making until I took the roll in to be developed. And I remember actually getting quite angry with Nate for rolling his eyes back in his head when he was about 6 and "ruining" the pictures. Now I laugh at the memory. Obviously I didn't scar him too badly--as you can see, he still hams it up for the camera. And Katie often manages to look like a Dr. Seuss character without even trying. So I'm looking forward to November--Nate will be home from Alaska and we're going to get together at Katie's apartment for Thanksgiving. Guaranteed, lots of laughter will be on the menu.

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Lisa said... about some belly laughs!!! Thanks, I needed that :) Seriously. Great catch.

ps- welcome to the blog world. SO glad to have you!!!!