Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Our group in Morelia with our teachers at CCL. 6

Gabino's sister and family. (Gabino is Maribel's husband.)

Candy and me. 6 A student's grandpa.

In August I had the very good fortune to get to travel to Mexico for 2 weeks. I was one of several teachers from our district who got to go. The district paid for our flight down and back, and for one week in Morelia at a language school. We could stay longer at our own expense if we chose to do so. What an opportunity! I visited with my friend Maribel, who used to be my next door neighbor, to ask if there might be someone in her family who could give me a place to stay and take me around to see the sights. She thought of her niece, Candy who is 23 and takes care of her family home in La Viga ( a very small ranchito north of Morelia). Lucky for me, Candy said yes to having me come and hang out with her for a week. So, after spending a delightful week in Morelia with coworkers brushing up on my Spanish, I hopped on a bus that took me to Villa Morelos. Candy and her good friend Claudia and her daughter Yaneli met me there and took me to La Viga.

Claudia and Yaneli 6

Maribel's mom. I love this photo!

We had such a good time together. It didn't take long for us to become friends. Funny how one can bond with some people so quickly! We had lots of laughs together--we didn't always understand each other--even though I've been speaking Spanish for a long time there are still words and meanings that I miss. Throw in a rural accent and I miss a lot! Candy was a wonderful hostess and taxi driver. She took me to several neighboring ranchos so I could meet relatives of my students. (And what fun THAT has been to show pictures of me with grandpas and cousins!) I feel very blessed to have been chosen to go to Morelia, and even more blessed to have gotten the chance to spend time in La Viga with Candy. As they say in Mexico, "God willing, I will return!"
Yaneli with her cousin Elian. 5

Gabino's mom and dad. 6

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