Saturday, January 24, 2009

...Dad's 77th

Yesterday was my Dad's 77th birthday. When I called to wish him a happy day I suggested we meet halfway for lunch today up at Tollgate. And so we did. It was a beautiful drive, snowing the whole way, and it continued to snow as we sat and visited. It was fun to see all the snowmobilers come in out of the cold for a bite to eat, and we speculated on how much all of their gear must cost. I know what I paid for my bike helmet, so those fancy ones that keep the cold out must be pretty pricey! It was a nice, leisurely lunch (although the food could have been hotter!) and the waitress didn't mind that we sat and chatted for close to an hour after finishing our meal. They had no desserts on the menu, so Dad's "birthday cake" for today was a combo of M & Ms and Skittles on a napkin to share (I should have gotten a picture of it!). I'm glad the roads were clear enough for us to meet and that Mom and Dad were up for the adventure. And now I need to go wash my truck. Happy Birthday, Dad! Enjoy your "real" cake this evening--Mom's famous German Chocolate!

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