Friday, January 2, 2009


One of my traditions is to take down Christmas decorations before the last weekend of vacation. That way I can return to school on Monday with a clean and uncluttered house. So when I got home today, the cleaning began. But, before I tackled the decorations I gave my room a good going over. Isn't a freshly made bed with clean sheets the best?? I will sleep well tonight.And since I was upstairs, the sheets in the guest room needed to be changed and the gift wrap box needed to be put away and is this the sewing/computer room or is it a catch-all/dumping ground? A couple of hours later and the entire upstairs of my place was pretty clean, dust and clutter free. It feels good. After getting something to eat I got back to my original plan--put away Christmas decorations. And progress was made. The rest will have to wait til tomorrow.The Christmas cards get to stay up a bit longer. I love hearing from family and friends, reading their letters and seeing how their children have grown over the year.

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