Saturday, January 31, 2009

...taking pictures v. photography

After looking at for a few days I have come to the realization that, while I love to take pictures, I'm not a photographer. I take a lot of pictures, and love to share them. But when I get a really cool photo, it's a random happening--not a planned event. Like this one of Maribel's mom making pozole:
Usually I am aware enough of the background to avoid the appearance of odd hats or weird protrusions...this one was an exception (sorry Katie!):
So iheartfaces has inspired me. I played around with the picture of Yaneli a bit to see if I could get her sweet face to come out of the shadows:

But the truth is, I'll probably never spring for an expensive camera, and know I wouldn't use all the editing programs talked about on the website. Windows Photo (already on my computer) has enough gizmos for a picture-taker like me to play around with.

Oh, THERE she is!

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