Friday, January 2, 2009

...ringing in the New Year

I drove over the mountain on Wednesday to spend the New Year with my parents in Cove. The snow finally stopped, the roads were clear, and I made it without any trouble. We had a lot of fun together. Mom and I put together a puzzle--something we always used to do during Christmas break (and dad put in the last piece as per tradition!), and played Quiddler and Yahtzee. I got lots of loving from their little pup, stopped by my brother's for coffee and a visit, and had a yummy ham dinner. Thursday morning we woke up to several inches of snow on the ground. Oh dear--I hadn't even taken my boots along! But the snow turned to rain, so I was sure the return trip would be just as easy as the trip over. A light snow was falling as I left this morning and mom asked if I had checked Tripcheck. Nah, no worries. Doubts began to creep in as I sat at a gas station in LaGrande. Mt. Emily looked pretty formidable. The wind was howling and sent up a wall of snow every now and then, which made visibility poor. Both lanes were covered in a sheet of packed snow that had a lovely sheen from the wind. Luckily, traffic was light and I never did have to stop and chain up (those I DID remember!). I made it home, safe and sound and am glad I was able to make the trip. Happy New Year!Henry and Henrietta in a face-off. Oh yes, we played Yahtzee...and Henry was my partner.He gave sound advise!

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