Wednesday, January 7, 2009

...a fun gift to give

This year I bought something special for my two sisters and myself. It's a pin by artist Robert Shields entitled "Three Wild Sisters." I can't even remember how I came across it online, but I've had the page bookmarked for months. Then in early December I remembered it and decided to splurge. They took forever to get here and I was fretting about having them on time. Arlene got hers with her Christmas package, but Lani's was a few days late. Oh well! I wish I had a scanner right now to scan the picture of the three of us about 25 years ago, kicking our legs up and doing the "Sisters" routine from White Christmas. Although we are several years apart in age, live many miles from each other, and have very different lives I hope this pin will help keep us connected!
Lani used this same photo of us, taken in May at Tim's retirement, to make a cute ornament. I'm going to attach something to make it stand up and put it with my other photos of the three of us--too cute to only bring out once a year!

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