Saturday, February 14, 2009

...nightgowns for Jadyn

Last week my sister Arlene mentioned that if I was looking for a sewing project...Jadyn really needed a new nightgown. I remembered a cute piece of fabric on the sale rack at Joann's, so on Monday made a quick trip over to TriCities to see if it was still there. It was...along with some other cute prints that I couldn't resist. (I had to leave a couple behind and made myself pick just the top three.)
So here are three new nighties for Jadyn, ready to go in the mail on Tuesday. They are made out of a soft, waffle weave cotton knit. I had to modify the pattern though--I hadn't noticed that it called for velcro at the shoulders. Velcro? On a toddler's nightgown? That didn't sound the least bit comfortable to me, so I enlarged the neck a bit and did a binding instead.
(I won't be using this pattern again--but not because I don't like how they turned out. A couple important pattern pieces fell on the floor under my sewing table, and for some odd reason my old dog thought she should chew them up while I was at school one day.

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