Tuesday, February 10, 2009

...a silly old dog

This evening when I got home from spinning I was puttering around in the kitchen. The door to the garage is right off the kitchen, and that's where I keep my panty. (I also park my truck in the garage--an important detail.) I had the door open and was back and forth, putting things away. (My old dog likes to go sniff around in the garage whenever she has the chance--also an important detail.) I thought the dog had come in, so I shut the door and turned out the light. Then I heard her whining....so turned the light back on and opened the door and called. More whining. She's pretty deaf, so I snapped my fingers and called again. More whining. I walked to the back of the truck, thinking she was on the other side and couldn't get turned around (it's a small garage). The whining was more urgent--and coming from under the truck! She was stuck and didn't know how to get out. I wasn't sure how to get her out. Luckily, she saw my feet and got turned around and crawled towards the back...and finally shimmied out. She's dirty, slightly bewildered, and has no idea why I am laughing at her! Silly old dog.

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