Saturday, November 1, 2008

...break time #2

The pictures are all loaded into Photo Story! And Lisa's right--it was VERY easy. Now comes the more difficult part--deciding on the order and allowing the pictures to tell the story without getting too wordy. It's been fun to look at them again and remember what a fabulous time I had--especially the 2nd week out in the rancho. I want to go back!

Good news...Nate called! He's back in Portland and is experiencing the disconnect of being home after 5 months away. He and Katie are coming to see me next weekend. :-) It will be soooo good to squeeze my kiddos.

Random thought...isn't super glue an amazing/annoying invention? I fixed a little plate this morning and STILL have glue on my fingers. Good thing I'm not sewing today...the roughness on synthetic knit fabric would drive me nuts!

Time to go jump some rope, blow a few bubbles out the back door (windy days are so much fun for that!), then back to THE PROJECT. Although now that I'm actually tackling it, it doesn't feel so big. Funny how that works. :-)

Chasse doesn't seem to mind that her bed's been moved!

5:00 update: I am tired of sitting at the computer. Time to give it a rest. I've hit a roadblock anyway--can't figure out how to get black slides between the pictures to write on...called Lisa...but she wasn't tomorrow is soon enough to get back to this. It feels good to have so much done.

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