Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I like music, listen to music, and delight in going to concerts every once in a while. But--I've never been a music junky. I can sing along to many songs on the radio (OK, the "oldies" to my students--and they mean the 70s!) but I can't tell you names of groups, artists, or their songs. (Nate inherited this trait from his dad.) I mostly listen to folk, celtic, and some pop music, and anything my good friend Jacque passes along to me. But occasionally an artist or song catches my attention and I want to hear more. It happened today...I was randomly looking at blogs (you know that link at the top of the page that says "next blog") when I saw this video. People who watch TV probably know all about her--this song is the intro for some show about a couple and their 8 kids.I love the lyrics and her voice...and after listening to another of her songs on YouTube...will be buying the CD.

A Beautiful Life--Fisher

Ordinary Miracle--Fisher


Lisa said...

Ohhh....I like it...I like it!

How do you feel about Gavin Rossdale?

...maybe it's time for a playlist, yes???

Doozyanner said...

Lisa, you make me laugh! A playlist?? Mine would be like this: 1. know that song that goes "humm HUM hummmm" 2. that song sung by that guy who has the long hair and was popular the summer we cruised in Union.. 3. Oh, I can picture her face and ALMOST have her name, ummmm, you know! hahaha (I didn't know who Gavin was until I googled him and listened..then knew that I'd heard him and like his voice.)