Tuesday, November 18, 2008

...random thoughts

--The video is coming along but....

--Black font on black background just doesn't work. D'oh! Have to laugh at myself!

--Spinning was changed to a new location and I didn't know about it. :-(

--I wonder why I haven't heard back from the library about my volunteer application?

--Nate isn't answering his phone or responding to text messages. What does this mean?

--Forgetful day...Katie asked me to call her at 7:00am...nope. Didn't happen.

--Hairdresser called at 4:00...Sue, didn't I have you down for an appointment today? oops

--A friend is expecting, but not in the usual way...yup, a surrogate! (Her sister-in-law--what a gift!)

--I wonder how Rolly is doing? No news today...

--Going through old photos with mom was fun...here I am with my sister when we lived in Hawaii--about 1963. My hair was so white! We still have our hula skirts.

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