Sunday, November 2, 2008

...a lesson in futility on a windy fall day

It wasn't very windy this morning. Calm enough for a bike ride. :-) But the wind picked up as we were headed west--and it was blowing east. Even still, the sun was shining, fun people to ride with, a good ride. When I got home I decided to vacuum out the truck.

I was hot and sweaty already, so why not? So I hauled out the Kirby, attached the hose and got to work. Thanks to this handy little device

I was able to get a lot of the prickly white dog hairs out of the carpeting. (Rubba Scrubba from Then I went around to the passenger side. As soon as I opened the door little leaves from this tree
blew in. And I had to laugh at myself. Vacuum dog hair. Vacuum leaves. Dog hair. Leaves. Dog hair. Leaves. I finally said, "Good enough," closed the passenger side door, went around to the other side, sucked up the last rogue leaves, turned to take the vac back to the garage and saw this.

I had just swept and cleaned the garage the other day so I can start parking in it again and not scrape windows in the mornings. A quick pass with the broom (didn't get them all--would have been another futile act) and shut the door. Went into the kitchen to see...leaves on the floor. So cleaned them up, then headed upstairs to take a bath. And laughed again when I got in the tub. Yup. One lone leaf floating on the water.

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