Saturday, November 1, 2008

...break time

The timer is set for 15 minutes. Everything on my "have to" list is done--except the laundry is still in progress, and grocery shopping and ironing might wait til tomorrow. I just went outside to take out the trash, and see that I had 2 visitors last night. Behind my geranium was a bag of apples (thanks, Maribel!) and an item from my Pampered Chef order (thanks, Lisa!) And either they came while I was working the gate at the football game, or that's who was ringing the doorbell after I got home. (I didn't buy candy for trick-or-treaters since I knew I wouldn't be home.) So I assumed the doorbell ringing was kids and I didn't want to run downstairs just to explain that, no, I didn't have anything for them. (Note to self: Next time you are whining about being alone so much, answer the doorbell! It may just be a treat for you!) And now I have an urge to bake apple pies. But if I do that I will continue to procrastinate about the Mexico video. Why have I let that get so big in my head? I took all those pictures and want to share them with coworkers, and really, what's the point of taking pictures if they're not shared and enjoyed? So here are my reasons: 1. I'm not very techy, even though Lisa assures me that Photo Story is way easy. I get lost easily, and then get frustrated. I can't even do things to this blog that other people have and that look very cool (Video on my home page? Not happening.) 2. The computer becomes a time-warp machine. It suckes me in and hours pass without me realizing it. 3. I'm a perfectionist in my own way. This video is part of one of my goals at school and is to be shared with coworkers.

Time's up. Time to reboot the laundry, get some lunch, then...Photo Story, here I come! I promised myself I'd get it done this weekend. Send happy, techy vibes my way!

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