Tuesday, June 2, 2009

...bugs and other things

1. Greg can no longer claim to be a vegetarian after tonight's ride--the bugs were out in full force and we all ate our share.
2. Some bugs taste kind of nutty.
3. Bugs under semi-rigid contact lenses hurt. Riding with one eye closed waiting for them to float out isn't fun.
4. Bugs tickle in the helmet and under the jersey. (Note to self: Zip up all the way on buggy nights, even though it's too warm.)

Other things:
1. A young man with California plates pulled into the shop right when we got back. "Where's the city center?" he asked. Ummmmm...city center? Do we even have such a thing? We were speaking Spanish and at first I thought he asked where the community center was. We do have one of those.
2. I'm feeling that end-of-school-year giddiness--taking kids on a field trip tomorrow, spending Thursday with another group of kids in an all-day training, modified schedule for finals on Friday and Monday, half day Tuesday....which means...I am finished teaching for this year! Lots of program paperwork and grading to do, but lesson plans?? See ya in September!!
3. I need to get to Portland soon to see Nate--before he takes off for Alaska again and I don't get to see him til October. Funny how we don't talk all that often, but when I know I can't just call whenever I want to, I miss him! I also need some Katie time. Road trip...Portland...yup.
4. It's also time for a good I-can't-put-this-book-down reading fest. Any recommendations?? World Without End will be hard to beat, but I know there are plenty of good books just waiting for me.

Wednesday update: Gonzo emailed this photo to me today. Here I am with my bug-eating buddy Greg. We had just climbed a series of hills to get to the potato sheds and were waiting for the last few to finish. (The unfair thing about hills is that those of us who need the most rest once we reach the top get the least--the fast guys are ready to take off again by the time we're all there!)


The Old Bag said...

Ha -- you must have ridden through a swarm, the way it sounds!

We finish around the same time. For me, students through next Tues...tchrs back for Wed. Man, I can't wait!

Lisa said...

Why am I envisioning one of those crazy hats with 'windshield' wipers going nuts, here??? LOL. Perhaps you may receive one by Christmas :)

Happy end-o-the-year to ya!

LimesNow said...

Hate it when my teeth look like the grill of a Dodge that's been driven cross-country for 2 weeks!

Doozyanner said...

TOB--Not a swarm--just a buggy night in farming country. Some of those things were pretty dang big, too! Oh I am SO ready for school to be out!

Lisa--Good thing we don't work in the same building--no chance of you being my secret Santa!

LN--Ha! As a teenager new to rural Oregon I made up a song about bugs in the teeth--from riding in the back of pickups. I think of it when a bug goes splat on me while biking.

Arlene--(You lurker, you!) Thanks for the book recommendation. I'll check the library. Nate leaves the 27th. What days do you have off? Road trip together?? :-)

LimesNow said...

Ha! And I'm not even a cyclist! But I GET it. I'm a pretty tough girl and bugs don't stop me. I don't love them, but they don't stop me. Glad to know you, Dooz!

Janie said...

If you can find it at the library, "The Atonement of Ashley Morden" by Fred Bodsworth. If they don't have it I would consider loaning you my precious copy if you promise to treat it like a beloved friend. It truly is a great read, on the list of books to have with on a deserted island.

I would also highly recommend "The Blessing Stone" by Barbara Wood.