Monday, June 8, 2009

...a full weekend

This past Friday night I went to a retirement party for our secretary AND our principal. Our office is going to be a very different place next year without them.

On Saturday morning I got up early and drove to Weston with my friend Gonzo where we met up with several others from our group. We were there for a 50 mile memorial ride in honor of a local woman who was struck by a car 4 years ago. It was a really well-supported ride--and it was free! I asked if there was a foundation or scholarship fund we could donate to, but they said no, the family wants to do this in Marilyn's memory. The wind was blowing REALLY hard for much of the ride. At one point we turned south and it felt like a giant hand had a hold of my helmet, pulling me to the left. It made me laugh. On the very last hill coming back in to town I felt my bike shaking. I looked down at the computer...48.2 mph! Yikes! That's the fastest I've ever gone, and to be scared me!
Gonzo with the rose (to place on the memorial site) tucked into his jersey.
It looked like it was behind his ear.
My friend Kathryn (who convinced me to come out and ride almost 2 years ago)
On Saturday afternoon Nate and Genavieve (affectionately known as Geeves) came from Portland. Nate leaves for Alaska on the 27th and I won't get to see him again until late October! It was good to have them here. I sewed some patches on his pack for him and he helped me with music on a video I put together for school. We walked at the nature trails and spent a lot of time just hanging out together, laughing and talking. It was a good, full weekend.

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LimesNow said...

That IS a full, fun packed weekend! I wish I had a SpongeBob jersey or any article of clothing, since I'm not a cyclist.

Dooz, that book that is touted as "the summer read" is The Inn at Eagle Point by Sherryl Woods. Not my recommendation, because I don't know it. But it's being raved about.