Monday, June 15, 2009 loss, helmets, and a leg that was just along for the ride

Hair loss and helmets...
1. I have fine, slippery hair so anything I put on my head tends to move around.
2. While it's true that I'm hard-headed, it's also true that I'm rather attached to the contents of my noggin.
3. Because of #2 above, I wear a helmet while cycling.
4. Because of #1 above, I have a hard time getting my helmet adjusted so it will do its job if my melon happens to come in contact with the ground.
5. On the century ride with Gonzo a few weeks ago I discovered the hard way that tightening the knob at the back of the helmet too tight causes a painful bump to form on the forehead.
6. On Friday I gasped when I discovered that what was once a bump now is a bald spot. It looks like I shaved a spot out of my bangs! My sister also gasped when I showed it to her. Vanity prevents me from sharing a photo with a wider audience. (I think I'll be asking for thicker bangs on my next visit to the hairdresser.)

So now the wondering and waiting begins. Why did it take so long for the hair to fall out? Will it grow back in? Is this why I see some women carefully tilt their helmets back so so their bangs don't get mussed? Does it matter if my helmet wobbles a bit on my head?

And a leg that was just along for the ride...
On Saturday Bob and I met up at the starting point for the century at 6:30 a.m. as planned. It was cool and drizzly but still looked like a good day to ride. We were sprinkled on a bit, but were fortunate to miss the downpour that drenched some poor folks who were behind us. I was mostly keeping up with Bob--he didn't set a grueling pace and the course was fairly flat (well, except for the 12% dowgrade!). But after about 25 miles it became apparent that my left leg was just along for the ride. It didn't seem to want to do any of the hard work--it just sat there, cranky and stiff, and not doing its share. I tried stretching at the rest stops, concentrating on my pedaling, and promised it bananas each time we stopped. Nothing seemed to help. I guess we all have days like that. (I'm hoping that a few soaks in the hot tub here at my folks will make it want to be part of the team again.)


The Old Bag said...

If it persists, you may want to have a bicycle fitting. I had a similar issue with my left leg years ago and went in for a couple fittings: one was carefully measured Fit Kit (not sure if shops still do those) which helped, but the problem was nailed by the next person who just eyeballed everything and asked a lot of questions. Turned out my seat was set at a good height for my strong leg, but not for my weaker leg -- he said to set it for the leg that wasn't doing what it needed to be doing: the stronger leg would adjust and the weaker would be called to action. Worked like a charm.

LimesNow said...

I'm not very vain because I don't have much to be vain about. However, the hair is sacred. My hair isn't for everyone, but I know exactly how I want it to look and any variance [never mind parts of it disappearing] is distressing.

Re: the leg that didn't participate in the ride - some days, for reasons I have not been able to nail down, I never hit my stride in miles and miles of walking. I describe it as feeling like I have ducks' feet: slap, slap, slap. Very frustrating to slap and flap through the streets of the city.