Thursday, June 11, 2009

...a surprise in the mailbox

Look what came today! Isn't it beautiful??? Now...what are the rules about wearing a jersey before the ride? The STP isn't for another month. Please, can I wear it now?


LimesNow said...

A thing of great beauty - tangerine, coral . . The rules are that one must test out the jersey at LEAST once before the ride to ensure suitability.

Dooz, am I reading it correctly that you are a fairly recently hooked cyclist? Not been doing this all your life?

Doozyanner said...

I've been assured that since I have ridden the STP before that I've earned the right to wear the jersey at any time. Good to know! I'd hate to break any rules of etiquette!

Yes, I am relatively new to cycling. I've always had a bike of some kind and spent many happy hours pedaling with my kids when they were younger--my daughter in a trailer and my son on his own bike. That was our tax refund splurge one year.

I remember driving through Banff and Jasper as a newlywed and seeing cyclists on the highway. I commented to my husband that it looked like so much fun. He said it looked like hard work. (We didn't connect on MANY levels--but that's a different story.) I think the seed was planted then. It's just taken close to 30 years for me to bloom. :-)

Two summers ago a good friend kept bugging me to come out and try a road bike. But I HAD a perfectly good bike--purchased at the LBS for--gasp--$500. Why would I want to try a road bike? I finally did go out...and the rest is history. I am in love. (And I paid much more than $500 for this bike.) I am probably one of the least athletic persons on the planet, but cycling makes me feel strong and healthy. And I have a whole new circle of friends. Whew! Long answer to a short question! :-)

LimesNow said...

No, that was quite beautifully said. Even though I'm not a cyclist, I GET it. What I actually "get" is the passion. I'm historically not an athlete either, but I'm pretty passionate and I've been known to jut out my jaw when a challenge is presented.

Good re: the jersey!

Not connecting with husbands is the reason we are allowed to put the "ex" in front of their names, just like they put the Mrs. in front of our names. I hung for decades before breaking away. I'm a late bloomer, too.

Doozyanner said...

I WOULD have hung for decades but dear ex decided very early on that married life was not for him. His loss. :-)

LimesNow said...

HA! Well said! I'm not particularly proud of the fact that I hung for 32 years. I used to be proud of that. Now I think, "What the hell was wrong with me? Why did I think I deserved that?" A topic we'll probably chat more about, over time.