Saturday, June 20, 2009

...turkey dinner and a hug

No, I'm not planning for Thanksgiving. This is a different kind of bird story. Several years ago when my kids were young we would spend a lot of time down at the nature trails (when they wild and overgrown and mysterious--not groomed and tidy and park-like). There were many different birds living in the brambles and trees but one that tickled us the most sang out, "Tuuuurkey DINner" on a regular basis. Years flew by, kids grew up, and we went to the nature trails less and less. I had forgotten all about the "turkey dinner" bird. Until today. As I rode out of town on my bike, I heard it: Tuuuuuurkey DINner! A bugs-in-the-teeth smile spread from ear to ear. I was going too fast on a main road to stop and try to figure out which bird was sending me a message of love from the past--a red-wing blackbird? A plain ol' blackbird? Doesn't matter. The turkey dinner bird was just what I needed today.

And a hug: Last October the group that I ride with surprised me with this jersey for my 50th birthday. I had been drooling over it in the shop but just couldn't bring myself to shell out the bucks. So they all went together and bought it for me. It touched me that a group of people I hadn't known for very long would do such a generous thing for me. The jersey is so soft and comfortable--like a hug. Also what I needed today--so that's what I wore.

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LimesNow said...

I love birds, as well. I keep parakeets in the office, am planning to get zebra finches, but I also love birds out in nature. I was privileged to spend many years visiting Sanibel Island, FL. Bird paradise! Until you've seen the spoonbills fly and feed, you haven't quite savored all that life has to offer.

Not much feels better than to covet something, deny yourself having it, and having others present it to you. It's a double gift - the tangible item itself and the noticing by the friends that you wanted it.