Wednesday, June 3, 2009

...playing hookie

I didn't really play hookie today, but it sure felt like it. I got to wear shorts, linger over a wonderful lunch at a Mexican restaurant, and hang out with a fun group of kids. The club that I advise took a field trip to Pendleton where we explored a couple of museums and toured the underground. We had planned on touring the Pendleton Woolen Mills as well, but time got away from us. No one seemed to mind. We did, however, have time to stop at DQ for ice cream on our way out of town. It was a very good day. We all enjoyed the TCI--it's a good little museum with many artifacts of the native peoples from this area. And the underground tour is always a surprise to kids--they had no idea it existed. But museums like the Heritage that show old household and farming items? M'eh. I finally figured it out--while I walk around exclaiming at the things on display that my grandparents used, they're noticing things that are still in use today in rural Mexico!

Tamastlikt Cultural Institute
Heritage Station Museum
Pendleton Underground Tours


LimesNow said...

Ha! Like my kitchen implements with the red-painted handles that I decorate with. One of my staffers (too young) came to my home to provide some services. He asked about an implement on the wall. "Oh, that's a potato ricer!" He didn't get it, so I explained: cook potatoes, then press them through the dvices that shreds them. I could see it on his face: "Why would you do that? Wouldn't you just cook the potatoes and eat them? And why do you put that thing up on the wall?"

Wow, it has been years (literally) since I had an ice cream treat. I wish . . never mind.

Doozyanner said...

NO ice cream??? Why not? Lactose intolerant? No dairy?

LimesNow said...

None of the above. I just don't do it any more. I am a recovering addict. Had a BAD Haagen Dazs habit. Since I don't seem to be capable of keeping it moderate, I manage it by just not going there.

During my insomnia last night I came across a piece in a magazine touting what is claimed to be THE read for this summer. Who knows if it will live up to that brag, but I will send you the name of the book and the author when I go home this evening.