Sunday, May 17, 2009


"The dreaded "bonk"...something to be avoided at all costs....your legs slowly and inexorably grind to a halt. " (Ride Fast, Eric Harr p. 84)

"...encountering severe fatigue..." (The Complete Book of Long-Distance Cycling, Burke and Pavelka p. 98)

(A true nerd...I even read books about cycling!) :-)

I bonked before today's ride was over. About 1/2 way through the 38 miles (on a route I have ridden many times with no problems) I was DONE. Doner than done. (How's that for good grammar from an English teacher?) Why did I bonk?? Hmmm...could be the 56 miles I rode on Friday, plus the 39 miles yesterday in the heat, a case of insomnia last night, noisy kids outside at 2:00 a.m.....yup, add all those factors up and a bonk was waiting to happen. So what now? Drink a few gallons of water, maybe a beer (for the carbs, you know) and REST. No more riding until Tuesday.

No energy left

to climb that hill. Please, someone

pull me in. I've bonked!


Lisa said...

Okay, so I'm laughing right through this post! I'm thinking "I think I've 'bonked' at work..."

Seriously. It's possible to bonk at work, right?

Doozyanner said...

Oh, definitely! I think we have all given just about everything we have to give. Come on summer! :-)

The Old Bag said...

That's it! I'm in the midst of a four-week bonk (3 weeks left to go for us).

Doozyanner said...

Just 13 days with students for us. Bonking big time while they are revving their engines, ready to make the big break. Twice today boys were wrestling on the floor in my room--never has happened before. They're like a litter of puppies.