Tuesday, May 26, 2009

...a flat tire, part 2

So...after school today I immediately went to Les Schwab, had a new tire put on, and the spare returned to its home under the truck. Then I went on a search for a wrench so I wouldn't ever be in the same pickle I was yesterday. First to one wrecking yard. Nope. Then to another wrecking yard. Nada. But, the kind man gave me this and told me to get a box wrench and a length of pipe for leverage and I'd be set. So, next stop, Ace Hardware. The clerk was a little puzzled by my request--the longest 3/8 inch wrench he had in stock and a piece of pipe. I came home feeling good that I had gotten everything taken care of and started putting things away. I opened the compartment where the jack resides. But wait--what's this?? I reached down inside the well...and guess what?
The lug wrench was there all along!!! The bag was shoved down so far and covered with so much dust that I didn't see it yesterday. Oh dear. Nothing to do but laugh at myself.
I returned the wrench and pipe to Ace and have the lug wrench on the front seat--ready to return to the good-hearted man at J and J's wrecking.
So what's the lesson here? First, don't panic and double check. Triple check. Pull everything out and check again. Reach down into dirty, ugly dark holes and check. Second, and most important, be grateful for all the very kind people who were willing to help me--the man and his son who got the spare tire down, Robert, Heather, and Jaidon who changed the spare and were so friendly, the grandfatherly man at the wrecking yard who gave me advice and a wrench, my dad who was willing to drop everything and drive many miles, and my brother who would have driven many miles if he hadn't been at work. Thanks, everyone!

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