Friday, May 29, 2009, flowers, and more flowers!

This year for mom's birthday/Mother's Day gift Arlene and I promised to plant all her flower pots for her. Last Saturday morning we piled in dad's truck--after convincing him that yes we needed the truck. How else would we carry four women (my sister-in-law Vickie came along), a toddler in a car seat, pick up chicken feed and have room for all the flowers??

One of the nurseries had a sand box and Jadyn couldn't have been happier. She played the entire time we were there. After several stops we finally had a good mix of flowers with lots of different colors, heights, and textures. Time to head for home, have some lunch, and get to work. A shady spot for our work station was a must.We got quite a bit done that afternoon before we totally pooped out. It was hot!Sunday morning while the folks were at church, and a little monkey climbed the lilac tree, Arlene and I got busy again. (Look how high she got! She was pretty fearless until it was time to come back down--then she needed some help.)By early Sunday afternoon all the pots were filled. Jadyn helped with the watering. She also got her grandma good with the hose!Belated Happy Birthday and Mother's Day, mom! Let's do it again next year! :-)

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