Sunday, May 31, 2009

...Scott's to Scott's

Every year Scott sponsors a customer appreciation ride from his store here in town to his store in Kennewick, and back again.Normally, it's about a 75 mile ride via Clodfelter Road on the return trip, but this year CR had just been chip sealed and was toooo bumpy, so we just did an easy over and back--about 65 miles. That was ok with me--it was close to 90 F by the time we got back. The hill out of Kennewick just about got the better of me. Lots and lots of water from the SAG wagon at the top saved the day.The descent into Kennewick was wicked fun--clocked at 41.7 mph. Yeehaw! Scott didn't ride the whole way--he was busy getting our lunch taken care of--so I let him pull me in the last few miles.My buddy Gonzo was right behind me.
A good ride, good friends, and an awesome lunch. Thanks, Scott!

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