Saturday, May 2, 2009

...a celebration

My godson Cristian made his first communion today, and he asked me to be his godmother (again). In the American tradition that I grew up in, we got one set of godparents at baptism and that was it. In the Mexican tradition, children have godparents for every event in their lives. Cristian could have asked someone else to be his madrina de primera comunion, but since we're pretty good buddies he decided he wanted me again. I was happy to oblige. A couple of weeks ago we shopped for his clothes. He didn't want a jacket or tie--just white shirt, black pants, and black shoes--he's a no-frills kind of guy. After the ceremony Cristian's parents put on a wonderful party. (Carnitas, yum!) The sun actually came out for a couple of hours before the clouds moved in and the rain poured down. Some former students were there and it was fun to catch up on their lives--they are so grown up! Maribel actually let me help in the kitchen this time. (What is it about a group of women working and chatting in the kitchen together that is so satisfying?) By 9:00 I was fading. My tummy was fuller than full and my brain was tired from speaking Spanish most of the day. It was a delightful day of celebrating Cristian and this milestone in his life.

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