Saturday, May 30, 2009

...a ride around the valley

I love to ride when I'm visiting my folks--the Grande Ronde Valley is beautiful. Last Monday I got up early and headed out. It was an easy ride of about 36 miles, and I managed to beat the heat.
I wasn't quite quick enough with the camera, and should have gone back for a better picture. This old house has always intrigued me--it has two front doors! Grandpa Mel told me that it was built by a Mormon for his two wives. I wonder if that's true?
A look back (west) at Mt. Emily.
Looking north at Mt. Harris.Just past Hot Lake--looking towards Cove.Hot Lake--my Grandma Irene danced here in the 20s when it was a happenin' place. It has recently undergone a renaissance--a bronze sculptor has purchased it and is renovating it little by little.The first winter after we moved up from San Diego I was out driving with Grandpa Mel. There was a skiff of snow on this hill--I was so excited that I wanted to hike up to see it. Gramps convinced me that there wouldn't be much to see and to be patient for a real snowfall.This goat made me laugh. He was reaching through the fence to nibble on the lilac bush. When I stopped to take his picture he indignantly turned to look at me and didn't resume eating until I moved on.The road to the first place we lived in Cove--the Lewis Ranch. We were waiting to find a house to buy and all our furniture was still in storage. We camped out in their ranch-hand house for a few months. The Lewis girl who was my age asked me, "I have an aunt in San you know her?" San Diego...San Bernadino...what's the diff?Ahhh...Mt. Fanny...lovely view.The second place we rented..still waiting to find "the" house to buy. This great old house had a tiny room at the top with generations of scribblings on the walls. At least one signature was from the 1800s. There was also a ballroom on the top floor--now the master bedroom.
The sign to High Valley Road--where dad was born in his grandmother's house.
Cove Public library--open on Thursdays when I was a teenager. Now open Tuesdays and Thursdays! Staffed by volunteers like Mrs. Goodson.
What a fun ride--lots of time to "remember when" and enjoy the beautiful valley. I think it will be seeing lots more of me this summer.

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