Tuesday, May 12, 2009

...a century ride

This past Saturday was a day that I've been excited and nervous about for weeks--the first century ride of the year. Would I totally bonk like I did on the Oktoberfest ride? Would I have to wimp out and take one of the shorter (25, 50, 75 miles) routes? Would the wind blow sideways (like it did in October) and I'd curse myself for ever getting on a bike? But--as soon as I got up and looked out the window I knew we were in for a treat. It was a glorious day--sunny, warm, little wind. A perfect day to ride 100 miles. I forgot to bring my camera along, but my buddy Gonzo just happened to have his with him.

First rest stop--Mile 20--Finley Climbing along with a great view of the valley behind us. Headed north towards Benton City.3rd and 4th rest stops--miles 60 and 80--Benton City
We met up with some of our local guys--we were at mile 60, they were on mile 80 and headed back to the starting point. (These are the guys--Ivan and Nate-that I love to get in a pace line behind and hang on for all I'm worth. They're fast!) Still smiling at the end! Hot dogs are not what I was daydreaming about during those last few miles, but that's all that was available. Gonzo was holding out for a big bucket of chicken. As soon as his wife got there to pick him up that's where they were headed. He totally cracks me up--always talking about what he's going to eat after a ride--and it's never very healthy sounding!
So...the first century of the year has come and gone, and it was a fabulous day. Good riding, good friends, no flats. And I am getting stronger. It made me happy to be able to get up Sunday morning and join my friends for a group ride--another 33 miles. Life is good. :-)


The Old Bag said...

Congrats on the century! And the icing on the cake was the weather -- my sister is in Portland, and I tend to equate all of OR with rain. We had our inaugural century at the end of April, but it was windy and rainy so we went for coffee instead!

Doozyanner said...

Few people know that Eastern Oregon is high desert, although we have gotten more than our share of rain this spring!